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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rookie group TAKEN covers GD&TOP in their Japanese Showcase [VIDEOS]

Rookie idol group TAKEN released their first mini album on November 3rd, and the MV for their title song “Young Boy” is being highly praised on Youtube as well as various portal sites.

The group was recently in Japan having their first showcase where two of their members covered GD&TOP's "HIGH HIGH".

Ujun one of their main vocalist and Geonwoo, their rapper and youngest member did a rendition of GD&TOP's "HIGH HIGH".

This is no surprise, as it seem that Ujun is quite the G-Dragon fanboy. A while ago this picture of this cutie was making it's rounds online, where we can see Ujun sporting tattoos like the ones our G-Dragon has!

In the past, other idols, such as Teen Top's L.Joe, Boyfriend's Jeongmin, as well as B2ST's Junhyung  have said that they look up to Big Bang especially G-Dragon as their role model.
TAKEN has just started their journey into the idol star world, check out their title track "Young Boy" as well as their ballad track "Only You" it will not disappoint. 

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