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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Adopt a Panda for Seungri's Birthday

A birthday project for Seungri, spearheaded by Details:

It is Seungri’s 22nd birthday on December 12. OLD POST.

We are planning to adopt a panda from World Wild Life Organization. The target is either the Family plush or the Giant plush and it costs $250. I don’t know if we can raise that amount yet. WWL will be giving a plush and a certificate. Sample certificate.

Partnervi, one of the largest and most trusted Seungri biased fansite in Korea already agreed to send our gift to Seungri. And if possible they will give it to him personally (camping outside the YG building?)

What you can do?

- You can donate via paypal (please send a message here so I can give you the paypal address).
- For those living in the Philippines, you can deposit your donation to my Unionbank account or via Gcash.
- I need a representative for each country to receive the donation locally for those who doesn’t have paypal :)

Reblog. Post in forums. Tweet.

You can write your message to Seungri. I am still waiting for Partnervi’s reply regarding this one. If we will send the letters directly to them or I’ll be the one to collect everything and send it in bulk. No personal info’s please (like contact number and etc.)

I will make a new post for donations. I will list all donations and the amount so that you will see the progress. All excess (if there is) from the donation will be given to PartnerVi for their birthday project.

[Disclaimer: This project is not organized by Just posting it here to help spread the info. If you have questions, you can submit them here.]

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