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Monday, August 1, 2011


You all probably still remember Pookie's VIP room, which we shared last April. She just sent us an email again with photos of her updated room + a fan account from this year's Big Show:

Hi! I've just finished updating the VIP room. This time I proudly present my T.O.P WALL >///<. He is the reason why I created this room. I attend the BIGSHOW concert every year and I really enjoyed all the concerts but the most memorable was the last day of BIGSHOW 2011. I was in the front row of zone 7 and I brought a big crown sign with T.O.P's name on it. When they were on the moving stage to 2nd floor, I was very sure that he saw my sign. They sang 2 songs from the 2nd floor. After that, when they were returning to the main stage, T.O.P walked pass my zone and he looked at me!!! I was like o_O really!!!! I was very happy when that moment happened. I thought it was over but then he walked slowly towards our area and looked at me and when he was in front of me, he bent over to touch my hand & smiled for me ONLY ME..... Unbelievable! After screaming like crazy, I cried with happiness.

My friend kepy saying, "Why you?!"^^  Thanks to my big crown sign, I just had an unbelievable fanservice from T.O.P!

(Click on the pics to view them in their original sizes)

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