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Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Operation Smiles" A Kang Daesung Support Project

This was sent to us from user Fywang9, who together with some other VIPs is putting together a support project for Daesung.

"Given the different projects that various groups are planning and promoting, we here at YGH and IVIP wanted to do something special as well. Thus, the admins have come up with "Operation Smile."

What is "Operation Smile" you may ask? Essentially, we wish to collect videos of VIPS sending Daesung fighting messages in hopes of raising his spirits. These messages are meant to be inspirational and let Daesung know that he is truly not alone.

Inspired by the LGBT's It Gets Better Campaign, these videos should discuss a time where you have felt down and had to work hard to overcome those obstacles or how Daesung inspires you. The ultimate goal of this project is to show Daesung that no matter how bad everything seems right now, it truly will get better.

The submissions will be burned to dvd disks and sent to YG Entertainment's Headquarters.


1) Videos should center around either the topic of "Overcoming obstacles" or "Daesung inspires me because..." You may choose 1, or do both in one video. However, simply stating how much you love Daesung, or telling him to stay strong will NOT suffice. We want to show him that we truly empathize with what he is going through. Just saying "Fighting!" does not convey they we stand strong by his side.

2) Submitted videos must be edited according to how you wish for it to appear. I will not be doing much editing besides subtitling. YGH reserves the right, however, to edit videos for offensive material and length.

3) Videos are to be 5 minutes long. No longer. Do whatever it takes to get your point across.

4) As some members, may not have the capability to record videos, we will accept written messages. Please follow the same content guidelines as the videos. Letters have a 150 word minimum and 200 word max.

5) Deadline for submission is 5 p.m. EST on June 17th. I will be compiling the project that weekend and it will ship out on the 20th. Late submissions unfortunately will not be accepted except for extenuating circumstances and prior approval by myself or Kidemona. YGH reserves the right to edit for offensive content and length.

6) All submissions may be in English. There are several people at YG who can translate for Daesung.

7) Please don't be too personal with your message. Nothing illegal.

This project is open to ALL fans of Big Bang and Daesung. Please do not limit yourself at all. After the project is completed, I will upload them to either youtube or vimeo. If you wish to exclude your submission from this, please send me a message.

Regardless of when this issue is resolved, Daesung will receive our love and support. This is a crucial moment where he needs it the most.

Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to send questions to [email protected]m

How to submit:

Go do

Sign in with Email: [email protected]m

Password: kangdaesung

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