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Friday, June 3, 2011

KVIPs Post New Support and Condolences Banners on Big Bang Naver Fancafe


Rest In Peace

VIPs, you trust Daesung. If you trust, you wait.

Don’t tell him not to cry.

The most hurt persons are

the deceased family….

Rest In Peace…

-BigBang World Members and Staff HandsomeChoiSeungHyun-


Rest In Peace

We hope that the deceased family who are having a hard time will be okay…

VIPs, please trust Daesung and don’t tell him not to cry.

Traffic law violations are Daesung’s actions and Daesung’s business.

Once again, Rest In Peace. May the family of the deceased persevere through this.

Source: Big Bang Naver fancafe
Translation: [email protected]

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