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Monday, May 9, 2011

A Chat with Aimee Lee Lucas in Puerto Rico [VIDEO]

Last week we had the privilege of having Aimee Lee Lucas [aka. Lucky dancer in GD's Shine a Light 'Breathe' performance] come to Puerto Rico for a couple of days.
One of the members of Kimchi Criollo (our Puertorican Kpop fanclub) got together with her and did a short interview, and shout out to Big Bang Updates, previously, Aimee had visited the Philippines and also gave us a shout out.

Check out the Video!

Here's the interview our friend Sheila from gokpop had with her:

Aimee Lee is widely known for her dancing with BigBang and 2NE1 and is currently working on other things at the moment. I had the chance to sit down and have a talk with Aimee and asked her a few questions.

SG: How did you get into dancing? When did it start?

Aimee has been dancing most of her life, she started with ballet and continued on with it until she met Shaun Evaristo during her sophmore year in high school, which is when she got into hip hop and hasn't looked back.

SG: How did you end up in Korea? What was it like?

"It was the first Asian country I visited, it was a huge culture shock," Aimee said as soon as the question was asked. "I was in and out of the country about six to eight times in a period of two years, the longest I lived there was about 3 months."

SG: Who have you worked with?

Aimee: Like in Kpop or...?

SG: Mainly Kpop but tell me everyone!

Aimee's mainly worked with people within the YG family like Big Bang, 2NE1, se7en, Taeyang and GD separately. She also worked with Um Jung-hwa along other international celebrities as well like Puerto Rican Reggaeton artist Daddy Yankee, Avril Lavigne and Fergie. Incidentally, Daddy Yankee's 'Impacto Remix' featuring Fergie was one of her first music videos.

SG: Who was the most fun to work with?

"Teddy was the most funny," Aime started off. "Taeyang was the most fun to hang out with, and Bom is sweet and funny in person," she continued.

SG: Who was the most difficult one to work with?

Aimee: "It wasn't really difficult, but Minji and I had a bit of a language barrier problem. Since dance is an international language everyone understands, we managed to get around it and work together."

SG: What brings you to Puerto Rico?

"I'm here for Microsoft's 'Dance Central' Game," she answered. Aimee then continued on to say that she was working on a commercial for the game.

SG: What do you love most about dancing? The traveling I bet!

Aimee: It's a plus! Definitely a plus! But there's more to it!

SG: Do tell!

"I love to perform. I love to put on a show for thousands and thousands of people," she started. "I also love to let loose and act silly when I'm out dancing."

SG: What do you think of how global Kpop is becoming?

"I'm surprised at how all of it has evolved. I do hope they push Big Bang in the states because I think they would be really successful. While I was living there it was amazing...there was always something new," Aimee started after I told her how up to date iTunes was with Kpop releases. "YG is a really smart man, he knows what he's doing. When it all started four years was a huge dream for them to have international fans all over the world, like in America and now its a reality."

SG: Any tips for aspiring dancers out there?

Aimee: "Dancing is like a dream. I never thought it could happen to me. I never thought it would be a career of mine. I thought I would probably have a typical job considering the way I was raised and all. But I went against the grain and look at me now. You can apply that same thought to many more things."

Thank you Sheila!

Credits: Sheila @

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