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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Big Bang Photo Set Giveaway!

Another giveaway! Thanks to our teammate, Alida (@mystifize), for the prizes!^^

How to Join:
1) Leave a comment with your answer to the question above.
2) Only 1 entry per person allowed.
3) Commenter should be logged in to Disqus either via Twitter, Facebook or the other options or leave his/her legit email address. See screenshot below:

1) Big Bang Photo Set
- The winner will be chosen for creativity and since Alida initiated this contest, she will be the one to judge which answer is the best!
Note: This isn't the autographed version since there are only 100 of those randomly sent by YGE.

2) 2011 FILA Big Bang Poster OR 4th Mini Album Poster
- Winner for this item will be randomly generated via This means that everyone who joins has the chance to win a prize.

You can leave your answers starting NOW and this thread will close on May 7, 11:59PM KST. Winners will be announced on May 8. Please don't spam this thread. Just leave a comment when you're ready to answer. Good luck!^^

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