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Monday, March 7, 2011

Wanna Go to YG Building? Follow Me!!

If you have a chance to go to Seoul, you will hear the whisper inside you that says “Go to YG building. Go to YG building”
And you will have to fight with yourself because you are so busy with your schedule and it is not like you are going to meet anybody there. You will fight with yourself for awhile.
Eventually, the whisper inside you will win. Just like my whisper won. Hahaaaa
If you don’t know how to go there here is your direction.

Take the subway line 2 (Green line)

Get off at Hapjeong Station.

Take exit 8.

The first thing you see is the the Gas station.

Walk along the road. you will see this restaurant.

Keep walking. Hotel Circle is on your right.
You just walk pass it
Then you see another gas station. Leave it alone and go pass it.
You just walk along the road. Cross this street then walk a bit more.
Zoom of the restaurant that you have to pass.
Then you will see a big apartment called "Prouod" YG Building is right next to this apartment. Note that YG Building is not on the main road. You have to turn right and walk into the alley. But it's not far.
You can see YG building behind this Building.

Tadaaaa!! There it is. YG building. The building is very outstanding, Don't you agree?? ^__^
The 2 vans are parking. Which one is Big Bang though??
Someone was going in the building. She is probably a dancer.
There is a minimart opposite to YG building and look what posted there. I wonder whether Big Bang members ever stop by at this minimart.

If you have time I recommend you to go there. It is not far and not difficult to find. This trip to and from YG building took only 2 hours. I left the hotel at 11 am and back at the hotel around 1 pm. I wish I have more time so I can hang around the building more.


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