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Friday, January 21, 2011

Hear Our Voices: A G-Dragon Project

Sent in by Char of Very apt since we know that GD isn't currently feeling well ^^

Since GD worked so hard on the GD&TOP album for us, I thought it would be cool if we created an album for him! However, we need help from other VIPs in order for this project to work. :) You will be able to submit a shout-out message and any drawings, designs, photos, etc. to help contribute to the project.

Please take the time to read the guidelines below and be sure to check out the FAQ section at the bottom.

The Audio: Rules and Guidelines
- Maximum length is 15 seconds.
- No background noise while recording.
- Start your message with a greeting. (hey, hi, GD!, etc.)
- State your name after the greeting.
- Please type your first name and country when sending the message.
- You can send your messages to [email protected]

We will accept .mp3, .wma, and YouTube URLs. The easiest way that we know of recording audio is through Sound Recorder, a pre-installed program for most Windows users. Feel free to e-mail us if you need any help! We’re really nice people. :)

-Messages are due by January 30.

The CD Booklet: Rules and Guidelines
- Send anything and everything that you can think of for the booklet! :)
- No text or photo effects (like sharpening, colors, brushes, etc.) on your photo.
- If you have bought Big Bang or G-Dragon merchandise (like CDs, DVDs, posters, shirts, socks, etc.), send us a picture of you with the merchandise.
- You do not have to be in the picture if you’re camera shy, but I’m sure he would appreciate seeing his fans in the photos. ^^;
- Please send everything to [email protected] and include your first name and your country.
- Photos, drawings, designs, etc. are due by January 30.

What is this about?
We’re creating a CD for G-Dragon in the same way that G-Dragon created a CD for his fans. :)

Can more than one person be in the shout-out?
Sure! Do whatever you’d like as long as it doesn’t violate the guidelines. ^^;

Can we participate in the the audio AND the booklet?
Yup! We highly encourage you to be involved in both aspects of the project! ^^

Can we send you YouTube videos?
Yes, but please let that be your last resort, because we have to convert those and it’s much more tedious than an .mp3.

How are you going to get this to G-Dragon?
We are going to send the CD to the YG Entertainment building, where it will then be given to GD. ;) Fans send him things all of the time through this address.

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