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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Big Show 2011 Thread

Hey guys, I know that a lot of you have questions regarding BB's upcoming concert related to ticketing/booking, etc. so I'm making this thread so we can "discuss" tips and whatnots about the concert.

Some of the members of our team are planning to watch too and since we're first-timers, we're also clueless about lots of stuff. So far, the purchasing dates for the tickets have been released and that online selling will be via G-Market:

Fri, 25th February 2011 concert --> Tue, 18th January 2011, 8PM
Sat, 26th February 2011 concert --> Wed, 19th January 2011, 8PM
Sun, 27th February 2011 concert --> Thu, 20th January 2011, 8PM

To get the ball rolling, I guess those who have questions can post what they want to ask on the comments section and hopefully those who have already attended YG concerts in Korea can share their experiences and answer some of the questions ;)

[Will update this post when more info come in. Thanks!]

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