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Saturday, November 27, 2010


*Been wanting to do a BIG BANG Pimp Post, here it's it! ENJOY!!! \~^O^~/

Official Fan Club Name: V.I.P
Group Debut : 19 August 2006
Official: Site | Fan Cafe | Cytown | YGE YT | YOUTUBE
me2day: G-Dragon | T.O.P | Daesung | Seungri Twitter: Taeyang
Debut Stage on MBC Music Core, on 23 September 2006

"Five different colors and five different individuals but we shine the brightest when we are Big Bang."

BIGBANG is a group comprised of five members brimming with raw talent - each highly individualistic but pulled together by their one common passion for MUSIC. They are a versatile group whose electric sound and style knows no limits as they are musically diverse. The birth of this group is the attempt to break the stereotypical image and show a more unique and original performance. Derived from the "Big Bang Theory" - meaning 'a start with an explosive bang' - the group is like that 'Big Bang' of the universe, as they make an explosion into the music industry to 'change the stereotypical "Idol Star" market' of today.

Striving to be like their role models - Shinhwa, BIGBANG always allows each member to shine as individuals as they often take on solo activities in music, acting, MCing, and even music producing.



★ G-Dragon ★

Stage Name: G-Dragon
Position: Leader / Main Rapper / Main Composer
Real Name: Kwon Jiyong (권지용)
D.O.B: August 18, 1988
Blood Type: A
Education: Seoul Korean Traditional Arts Middle & High School
Debut: DaeHanMinGook Hip Hop Flex (2001)

-Has tattoos on his inner arms: right, “vita dolce” meaning sweet life in Italian & left, “moderato” meaning moderate (a musical term) done on May 2007 + on his back: "too fast to live too young to die" done on July 2008.

DJ-ing | Solo Debut Stage | Beat Box | Little Roora | Hot Issue

* Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song of the month (September) "Heartbreaker"
* 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards: 2009 Best Album of the Year "Heartbreaker"
* 2009 Melon Music Awards: 2009 Album of the Year "Heartbreaker"
* 2009 Melon Music Awards: 2009 Top 10

* Cyworld Digital Music Awards 2009: Ting’s Choice Award
* Cyworld Digital Music Awards 2009: Best 10
* 2010 MTV Video Music Awards Japan: Best Collaboration Video: Rain is Fallin'

G-Dragon initially started out as a child hip hop artist likely in hopes of emulation the popularity and success of Lil Romeo and Lil Bow Wow in the states. He was also a model. However, he could not release an album and was limited to featuring on other YG artists’ albums. On January 2001, GD debuted on the compilation album Daehanmingook Hip-Hop Flex as a rapper. After his debut, he was recruited along with Taeyang to act in JinuSean’s mv as mini JinuSean, which was released in February of the same year. Then G-Dragon started training out his planned debut as one half of hip hop duo GDYB. During that time, he was featured on songs by Perry, Se7en, Wheesung, YG Family and Masta Wu. He also had cameos in many YG artists’s music videos and performed live with Swi.T, Lexy, JinuSean and YG Family. He also performed in concert with Wheesung, Gummy and Se7en and in YG Family’s annual One concerts.

Out of everyone, G-Dragon was closest to YG and Perry, who thought him a lot, and his relationship with Hyun Suk was even described as “father and son”. GDYB released 2 songs on YG Family’s second album, but never debut or released an album. In 2004, G-Dragon and Taeyang were both listed as YG new faces and scheduled to debut that year. However, Hyun Suk announced that their debut was canceled in favor of forming a four-to-six member group. It took until 2006 for BIG BANG to be officially announced via The BIG BANG Documentary Reality Show. Meanwhile, GDYB were featured in Se7en’s album and performed with him at the World Cup.

After graduating from high school, he decided to wait a year before applying to college, and took his college entrance exams in Fall 2007. G-Dragon is BIG BANG’s leader. He is also a rapper and vocalist and has been producing with BIG BANG’s releases with the help of Hyun Suk since the beginning. He also wrote many of the lyrics and recently started songwriting and arranging.

Aside from BIG BANG, G-Dragon also made several solo appearances. After helping produce Taeyang's debut album, he recorded his own version of the album's lead single "Only Look At Me", titled as the part two version to the song. The single was released digitally. Along with Taeyang and T.O.P, G-Dragon was featured on singer Lexy's song "Super Fly" for her album Rush. In May 2009, he collaborated with the Japanese boy band W-inds. for their single, "Rain Is Fallin".

After Taeyang released his solo effort, G-Dragon released his debut solo album Heartbreaker, featuring collaborations with several artists, including Teddy of 1TYM, Taeyang, S-Kush, and CL and Dara of 2NE1. Initially scheduled to be release in April, the album was pushed back to August to coincide with his 21st (Korean years: 22nd) birthday. The album marked a change in G-Dragon's appearances as he dyed his hair blonde to match its concept. Propelled by its lead-single of the same name, an electronic pop song, the album sold over 150,000 copies and went on to win Album of the Year from the 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards. The second single, "Breathe", manage to chart within the Top 20 while his other songs — "The Leaders", "A Boy", "Hello", and "She's Gone" — went on to top various charts upon their release. His album was a great success for both him and YG Entertainment.

In support of his album, G-Dragon staged his first solo concert at the Olympic Park in December 2009. Entitled Shine a Light, the name of the concert was derived from lyrics of the song "A Boy". The concert subsequently sparked controversy following complaints of obscenity and suggestive content. The Korean Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs later asked the government prosecutors to investigate if G-Dragon or YG Entertainment violated laws on obscene performances in his concert. He was found innocent and was cleared of all charges on March 15, 2010.

In summary, he is not only good at lyric-making but also in composition, and is also a fashionista who makes everything from scarves from sunglasses he put on as major trends. He can pull off the extremes of lovely bang hair to shocking mohawk hair. He is way too powerful as an idol, but too lovely as a musician.


★ Taeyang ★

Stage Name: Taeyang, SoL
Former Stage Name: YB Taekwon
Position: Choreographer / Vocalist
Real Name: Dong Youngbae (동영배)
D.O.B: May 18, 1988
Blood Type: AB
Debut: YG Family 2nd Album 2002

Where U At | Dancing | Popping w GD | Speaking English | Abs

* The 6th Korean Music Awards: Best R&B/Soul Song - 나만 바라봐 (Only Look At Me)
* The 6th Korean Music Awards: Best R&B/Soul Album - Hot
* 2008 Naver Music Song of the Year – "Only Look At Me"

Taeyang was a child actor starting in 5th grade. He was recruited to play the part of mini Sean in JinuSean’s "A-Yo" MV. After that, he auditioned to join YG Family, having been impressed by JinuSean. His chosen stage name was YB Taekwon, which is either a reference to JinuSean’s Taekwon V album or to the giant robot Taekwon V. His rapping debut was in YG Family’s second album in 2002. In 2003, he participated in Wheesung’s second album, rapping on the track Player. He performed with JinuSean, Swi.T, Lexy, Masta Wu, Se7en and YG Family, and took part in Wheesung, Gummy, Se7en and YG Family’s One concerts.He was scheduled to debut with G-Dragon as GDYB (for G-Dragon & YB Taekwon) in 2004, but never debuted or released an album.

Hyun Suk announced that their debut was canceled in favor of forming a four-to-six-member group. Even though he’d previously trained to be a rapper and wanted to become one, he debuted in Big Bang as a singer. He’s been studying Japanese for three years, since 2004, in preparation for Big Bang’s Japanese debut.

After graduating high school, he and G-Dragon decided to take a year off before applying for college. He has been accepted at Daejin University in theater and film for 2008, and has mentioned wanting to become an actor. His first kiss was during the filming of the Ma Girl music video, when the actress got carried away and kissed him for real. Hyun Suk mentioned in his messages that Taeyang was going to have a solo single, as a reward for hard work and to make up for being too harsh with Taeyang. Initially scheduled for a September release, the project was pushed back due to conflicting schedules with his group. Taeyang released his debut mini-album 'Hot' on May 22, 2008, backed by a production team that included Teddy, Yang Hyun Suk, Kush, and his fellow member G-Dragon. Moving beyond the hip-hop genre of Big Bang, Taeyang incorporated mainly R&B songs into his album, stating that it was his "main focus". He expressed disappointment with the album, however, admitting that he did not write any of the songs; he later stated that he would do so in the future to express his "thoughts and ideas."

Taeyang's first mini-album Hot was well received by fans and critics alike, winning two trophies from The 7th Korean Music Awards for the 2008 Best R&B/Soul Song "Only Look At Me" and the 2008 Best R&B/Soul Album (Hot). He is the first "Idol group" or boyband member to receive such awards. The first single released was "Only Look At Me", an R&B song written by Teddy and Kush. Taeyang stated that the lyrics come from the perspective of a man who is "selfish" for wanting his girlfriend to be with him only, regardless of how he treats her. G-Dragon later recorded a "Part Two" version to the song. The second single was "Prayer" which featured Teddy of 1TYM. Promotional videos were shot for both. In support of his album, he also staged his first solo concert, Hot.

Throughout the majority of 2009, Taeyang contributed to his group's activities, recording the song "Lollipop" with his group and labelmate 2NE1. He later flew to Japan to promote the group's Japanese albums. After activities ended, he went back to the studio to record and release his first digital single "Where U At", followed by another digital single, "Wedding Dress". Taeyang took his first attempt at composing by co-writing both songs with Teddy. Promotional videos were filmed for both "Where U At" and "Wedding Dress." "Wedding Dress" was voted #3 on an online poll for a Dutch radio station.

Taeyang's first full-length album 'Solar' was released on July 1, 2010. Two versions of this album - the “Regular Edition” and the “Deluxe Edition” - was released. The regular edition contained 11 songs, while the deluxe edition, limited to 30,000 copies worldwide, had 13 songs, including “Only Look At Me” and “Prayer" from the previous album Hot. On the first day of sales for the limited Deluxe Edition of Solar, the 30,000 copies released by YG entertainment were sold out in online and offline stores.

On July 7, 2010, Taeyang released his solo album Solar on the iTunes for the first time in his music career. On July 9, 2010, Solar hit second place on iTunes' Top R&B-Soul albums chart in the United States and first place in Canada, making him the first Asian musician in history to attain such an achievement. The lead-single was "I Need A Girl" featuring his bandmate G-Dragon. His labelmate Sandara Park of 2NE1 starred in the music video for "I Need A Girl." The second single, "I'll Be There" and its music video were premiered on August 19, 2010 through Taeyang's official Youtube channel.

Taeyang's first international album, Solar International, breaks new ground as it will be the first ever K-Pop music release to be sold worldwide on iTunes as both an audio and video album. The audio version (complete with a digital booklet) hit iTunes stores on August 25, 2010 while the video version (bundled with bonus, behind the scenes documentaries) will arrive by September 10, 2010. The audio album combines both English and Korean hits from his past and present albums including "I'll Be There", "Connection (ft. BIG TONE), "Wedding Dress" and "I Need A Girl (feat. G-Dragon)." On August 26, 2010, Solar's International album made it to fifth place on iTunes' Top R&B-Soul albums chart in the United States and Japan, and third place in Canada.


★ T.O.P ★

Stage Name: T.O.P
Former Stage Name: Tempo
Position: Beat Boxer / Composer / Rapper
Real Name: Choi Seunghyun (최승현)
D.O.B: November 4, 1987
Blood Type: B
Education Background: Seoul Art College (Majoring in Musical)

Singing | Beat Box | No Diggity | Waking Up | Kissing 1|2

(71: Into the Fire)
* Won – Grand Bell Award for Hallyu Popularity
* Nominated – Grand Bell Award for Best New Actor
* Nominated – Korean Film Award for Best New Actor
* Won – Best Male Newcomer Award/Popular Star Award for Blue Dragon Film Festival

Prior to his involvement with YG Entertainment, Choi was an underground rapper and a childhood friend of G-Dragon, another member of Big Bang. G-Dragon stated that the two were "neighborhood friends from middle school" and would often dance and rap together. Although G-Dragon later moved away and the two "became distant", he contacted Choi again when YG Entertainment was scouting for candidates to create a boy band. The pair recorded several demos and sent them to Yang Hyun Suk, CEO of YG Entertainment, who later asked Choi to audition. Choi was initially rejected by the record label, which deemed him too "chubby" to fit the "idealistic version" of an idol. Choi later stated that he "went home and exercised really hard because I wanted to join YG Entertainment." Six months later, he returned for another audition and was signed on.

Following the release of the band's albums and singles, T.O.P. began working on his solo career. In April 2007, he was featured with fellow Big Bang members Taeyang and G-Dragon on singer Lexy's single "Super Fly" for her album Rush. Later that summer, he appeared as an actor in Red Roc’s "Hello" music video. He later became the first member of Big Bang to venture into acting, starring in the KBS2 drama, I Am Sam, portraying the school's top fighter, Chae Musin. He also took the role of MC of MBC's Music Core on November 10, 2007, only to resign in April of the following year. In 2008, he collaborated with R&B artist Gummy on the song "I'm Sorry" for her album Comfort, and later with singer Uhm Jung Hwa for her single "D.I.S.C.O."

T.O.P later put his solo career on hold while he joined his group for their promotional activities. After more than a year of promoting Big Bang's materials, he returned to acting, playing the assassin Vick in the critically acclaimed Korean television drama 'Iris'. T.O.P. also recorded the song "Hallelujah" for the drama's soundtrack with Taeyang and G-Dragon. Following Iris, T.O.P. and Seungri appeared in the teenage suspense drama, '19'.

T.O.P filmed the movie '71: Into the Fire' which released in June 2010. He is also in preparation for his solo debut. During Big Bang's Big Show concert in January 2010, T.O.P. performed his new single "Turn It Up." YG Entertainment released a music video teaser for "Turn It Up" on June 14, 2010 which revealed the release date for the full music video to be June 21, 2010. The teaser itself received over 200,000 views within 48 hours of its original posting on YouTube. The official music video was released at noon in South Korea, with over 1,000,000 views and comments in just a few minutes. He is also the first Korean artist to have his song release worldwide on iTunes. On 29th October 2010, he won the Hallyu Popularity Award in the 47th Grand Bell Film Awards and Best Male Newcomer Award & Popular Star Award at the Blue Dragon Film Festival on the 27 November.


★ Daesung ★

Stage Name: Daesung, D-Lite
Position: Vocalist
Real Name: Kang Daesung (강대성)
D.O.B: April 26, 1989
Blood Type: O
Education Background: KyeongIn High School

Try Smiling | How Did We Get There | Trot | Look At Me Gwisoon | Fire

Daesung was recruited in an audition, and even though he was jokingly known as “unpretty boy” among the staff, he turned out to be the most popular members.

During training, he got to do vocal training with Wheesung, who’s one of his favorite artists. Wheesung had also help other members from BIG BANG. While training, he was diagnosed with vocal cord nodules (a mass of tissue that grows on the vocal cords causing human speech to be difficult), which are common among singers and caused by strains on the vocal cords. They got worse in fall of 2006 and Daesung had to undergo treatment soon before the release of BIG BANG’s second single. Thankfully, Gummy, who had experienced the same problem, helped Daesung recover and manage his condition. They’ve been friends ever since. Gummy was the one who said “hello” in Korean in the "Lie" MV.

In April 2007, Daesung decided to quit high school to be able to focus full-time on Big Bang, but expressed a desire to pass his college entrance exams sometime in the future. In October 2007, Daesung was featured in singer Nemo’s [Now We] digital single. This was the first M-Boat/YG collaboration since the split of their partnership some months earlier.

In between various albums and EPs as a group, the members were able to pursue solo activities. Daesung released his debut trot single "Look at Me, Gwisun" in 2008. He stated that although he was worried about dampening the group's image, he wanted to try something different. The singer also joined the reality-variety show 'Family Outing' as a permanent member. The show revealed that his IQ was 110. He also joined the Korean production of Cats, playing the role of Rum Tum Tiger.

In the midst of Big Bang's break in early 2009, Daesung released his second trot single in early 2009, titled "Big Hit". He was also scheduled to join band mate Seungri in the autobiographical musical 'Shouting'. However, the singer was injured in a car accident before the musical's run, and ultimately required surgery. The injuries forced Daesung to halt all activities; he eventually made his return in October 2009, joining his group for the Dream Concert.

Daesung's new song, "Cotton Candy", was released at the end of January. Daesung is also involved in the Korea Version Dubbing for the movie 'Sammy's Adventure'. And also the Drama 'What's Up' in 2011.


★ Seungri ★

Stage Name: Seungri, V.I
Former Stage Name: V & Victory
Position: Choreographer / Vocalist
Real Name: Lee Seunghyun (이승현)
D.O.B: December 12, 1990
Bloodtype: A

Strong Baby | Dancing Samba | Next Day | Dance | Cute while Cleaning

Seung Ri is from Kwangjoo, the sixth major city in Korea. As we can see in the Big Bang Documentary, it’s quite a long commute between the two.

Before Big Bang, he was a member of Ilhwan, a Kwangjoo dance team. In summer 2005, Seung Ri appeared on an episode of Battle Shinhwa, a TV show to find the second Shinhwa (a famous boyband) through auditions. The band Battle is the result of that TV show. In the thirteenth episode, he was cut because his singing wasn’t impressive enough, even though his dancing was. He was later scouted by the record label YG Entertainment and joined the group Big Bang. Although he was initially cut on the ninth episode of the group's documentary series, he was given another chance to impress YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk and succeeded. Seungri also choreographed some of Big Bang's dance.

Seungri became the first member of Big Bang to act in a musical with the performance in Sonagi in 2008. His next musical, Shouting, was performed in 2009 alongside another Big Bang member Daesung, who was unable to perform at the last minute due to a car accident. Seungri made his film debut in with the movie 'Why Did You Come to My House?', followed by '19' alongside another Big Bang member T.O.P. The movie was released on November 12, 2009. Although his first solo song "Next Day" was recorded as part of Big Bang's album track, his second solo song "Strong Baby" was released as a promotional single for the group's second Korean album. In order to shed the "youngest member" look from Big Bang, Seungri promoted the single with a more mature look along with a stylized dance.

After passing the college entrance exams, Seungri was accepted into Chung-Ang University and began his college education in spring 2010.



[2006.11.10] Cyworld Music Award - Rookie Of The Month[Oct] (LaLaLa)
[2007.09.01] MBC Music Core Mobile Ranking - 1st - Lies
[2007.09.07] KBS Music Bank Digital Source Chart - 1st - Lies
[2007.09.08] MBC Music Core Mobile Ranking - 1st - Lies
[2007.09.09] SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award - Lies
[2007.09.12] Cyworld Digital Music Award - Song Of The Month[Aug] - Lies
[2007.09.15] MBC Music Core Mobile Ranking - 1st - Lies
[2007.09.27] MNET M-Countdown - 1st - Lies
[2007.10.05] KBS Music Bank Digital Source Chart - 1st - Lies
[2007.10.06] MBC Music Core Mobile Ranking - 1st - Lies
[2007.10.18] Cyworld Digital Music Award - Song Of The Month(Sept) - Lies
[2007.10.19] KBS Music Bank Viewers Rating Charts - 1st - Lies
[2007.10.25] MNET M-Countdown - 1st - Lies
[2007.11.17] 9th MKMF - Best Male Group of the Year & Song of the Year (Lies) [2 awards]
[2007.12.07] 8th Korean Image Festival - Photogenic Star Award
[2007.12.07] KBS Music Bank Viewers Ranking Chart - 1st - Last Farewell
[2007.12.08] MBC Music Core Mobile Ranking - 1st - Last Farewell
[2007.12.14] KBS Music Bank Chart - 1st - Last Farewell
[2007.12.14] 22nd Golden Disc Award - Bongsang (BIGBANG Vol.1)
[2007.12.16] SBS Inkigayo Mustizen Award - Last Farewell
[2007.12.21] KBS Music Bank Digital Source Award - 1st - Last Farewell
[2007.12.22] MBC Music Core Mobile Ranking - 1st - Last Farewell
[2007.12.23] SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award - Last Farewell
[2007.12.29] MBC Music Core Best of 2007 Mobile Ranking - 1st - Lies
[2008.01.10] Cyworld Digital Music Award - Song Of The Month(Dec) - Last Farewell
[2008.01.11] KBS Music Bank K-Chart - 1st - Last Farewell
[08.01.13] SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award - Last Farewell
[2008.01.17] MNET M-Coutdown - 1st - Last Farewell
[2008.01.31] 17th Seoul Music Awards - Digital Award, Bongsang, Daesang [3 awards]
[2008.02.01] KBS Music Bank Jan Winner of K-Chart 1st - Last Farewell
[2008.03.05] 5th Korean Pop Music - Musician of the Year (Dance&Electronic Pop Category )
[2008.04.18] 1st KOREA KIDS CHOICE AWARDS - Best Male Group
[2008.08.22] KBS Music Bank K-Chart - 1st - Haru Haru
[2008.08.23] 2nd Mnet 20's Choice - Hot Trend Musician
[2008.08.24] SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award - Haru Haru
[2008.08.28] MNET M-Countdown - Only One Song - Haru Haru
[2008.08.31] SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award - Haru Haru
[2008.09.03] 35th South Korea Broadcast Award - Rookie Award
[2008.09.04] MNET M-Countdown 1st - Haru Haru
[2008.09.05] KBS Music Bank K-Chart -1st - Haru Haru
[2008.09.07] SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award - Haru Haru
[2008.09.11] MNET M-Countdown 1st - Haru Haru
[2008.09.12] KBS Music Bank K-Chart 1st - Haru Haru
[2008.09.19] KBS Music Bank K-Chart 1st - Haru Haru
[2008.09.25] MNET M-Countdown Only One Song - Haru Haru
[2008.09.26] KBS Music Bank Sept Winner of K-Chart - Haru Haru
[2008.09.29] Cyworld Digital Music Award - Song Of The Month(Aug) - HaruHaru
[2008.10.30] 2008 Style Icon Awards - Male Singer Award Categories
[2008.11.15] 10th MKMF - Music Portal Award, Digital Portal Award, Best Male Group of the Year, Artist of the Year [4 awards]
[2008.11.21] KBS Music Bank K-chart 1st - Sunset Glow
[2008.11.28] KBS Music bank Nov wineer of K-Chart - Sunset Glow
[2008.11.30] SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award - Sunset Glow
[2008.12.04] MNET M-Countdown 1st - Sunset Glow
[2008.12.07] SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award - Sunset Glow
[2008.12.08] Cyworld Digital Music Award - Song Of The Month(Nov) - Sunset Glow
[2008.12.14] SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award - Sunset Glow
[2008.12.16] 9th Korean National Award - Popular Music Choice Award
[2008.12.26] KBS Music Bank Dec Winner of K-Chart - Sunset Glow
[2009.02.12] 18th Seoul Music Award - High Music Award, Mobile Popularity Award, Bongsang, Best Album Award[4 awards]
[2009.03.06] 21st Korean PD Award - Singer Award
[2009.04.12] 2nd KOREAN KIDS CHOICE AWARDS - Best Male Artist
[2009.05.01] Cyworld Digital Music Award - Song Of The Month(Apr) - Lollipop
[2009.08.28] 3rd Mnet 20's Choice - Hot CF Star
[2009.09.19] 2009 Asia Song Festival - Asia Best Singer
[2009.11.26] Giant TV Best Hit Music Festival 2009 - Gold Artist Award
[2009.12.15] 2009 Korean Content Award - Overseas Artist Award
[2009.12.20] 42nd Japanese Cable Award - Rookie Award, Best Rookie Award [2 awards]
[2009.12.30] 51st Japanese Record Award - Rookie Award, Best Rookie Award [2 awards]
[2010.02.24] 24th Japanese Gold Disc Rookie Award - The Best 5 New Artist
[2010.03.01] Cyworld Digital Music Award 2009 - Best 10
[2010.03] 2010 MTV Video Music Awards Japan: Best New Artist Video, Best Pop Video


No.1 on Music Shows

[2007.08.25] MBC Show! Music Core Mobile Ranking / "Lie"
[2007.09.06] SBS Live Popular Song Mutizen Song / "Lie"
[2007.09.07] KBS Live Music Bank Chart Show / "Lie"
[2007.09.08] MBC Show! Music Core Mobile Ranking/ "Lie"
[2007.09.15] MBC Show! Music Core Mobile Ranking/ "Lie"
[2007.09.27] Mnet M!Countdown No.1 / "Lie"
[2007.10.05] KBS Live Music Bank Chart Show / "Lie"
[2007.10.06] MBC Show! Music Core Mobile Ranking / "Lie"
[2007.10.09] KBS Live Music Bank Chart Show / "Lie"
[2007.10.25] Mnet M!Countdown No.1 / "Lie"

[2007.12.08] MBC Show! Music Core Mobile Ranking/ "Last Farewell"
[2007.12.14] KBS Live Music Bank Chart Show / "Last Farewell"
[2007.12.16] SBS Live Popular Song Mutizen Song / "Last Farewell"
[2007.12.21] KBS Live Music Bank Chart Show / "Last Farewell"
[2007.12.22] MBC Show! Music Core Mobile Ranking / "Last Farewell"
[2007.12.23] SBS Live Popular Song Mutizen Song / "Last Farewell"

[2008.08.24] SBS Live Popular Song Mutizen Song / "Day by Day"
[2008.08.28] Mnet M!Countdown No.1 / "Day By Day"
[2008.08.31] SBS Live Popular Song Mutizen Song / "Day by Day"
[2008.09.04] Mnet M!Countdown No.1 / "Day By Day"
[2008.09.07] SBS Live Popular Song Mutizen Song / "Day by Day"
[2008.09.11] Mnet M!Countdown No.1 / "Day By Day"
[2008.09.12] KBS Live Music Bank Chart Show /"Day By Day"
[2008.09.25] Mnet M!Countdown No.1 / "Day By Day"
[2008.09.26] KBS Live Music Bank Chart Show /"Day By Day"

[2008.11.21] KBS Live Music Bank Chart Show /"Sunset Glow"
[2008.11.28] KBS Live Music Bank Chart Show /"Sunset Glow"
[2008.11.30] SBS Live Popular Song Mutizen Song / "Sunset Glow"
[2008.12.04] Mnet M!Countdown No.1 / "Sunset Glow"
[2008.12.07] SBS Live Popular Song Mutizen Song / "Sunset Glow"
[2008.12.14] SBS Live Popular Song Mutizen Song / "Sunset Glow"



BIGBANG First Single (29/08/2006)

1. Intro (Put Your Hands Up)
2. We Belong Together (ft. 박봄 Park Bom)
3. 눈물뿐인 바보 [A Fool's Only Tears]
4. This Love (G-Dragon Solo)


BIGBANG is VIP (28/09/2006)

1. La-La-La
2. My Girl (Taeyang Solo)
3. V.I.P
4. La-La-La (Instrumental)


B I G B A N G 0 3 (22/11/2006)

1. VICTORY (Intro)
2. B I G B A N G
3. Forever With You (ft. 박봄 Park Bom)
4. Good Bye Baby
5. 웃어본다 [Trying to Smile]


Since 2007 (22/12/2006)

1. Intro (Big Bang)
2. She Can't Get Enough
3. Dirty Cash
4. 다음날 [The Next Day] (Seungri solo)
5. Big Boy (T.O.P solo)
6. 흔들어 [Shake it] (ft. 이은수 Lee Eun Su)
7. 눈물뿐인 바보 [A Fool's Only Tears]
8. My Girl (Taeyang solo)
9. La-la-la
10. This Love (G-Dragon solo)
11. 웃어본다 [Trying to Smile] (Daesung solo)


Live Concert Album
The Real (08/02/2007)

1. B I G B A N G
2. V.I.P
3. My Girl (Taeyang solo)
4. 눈물뿐인 바보 [A Fool's Only Tears]
5. We Belong Together (ft. Park Bom)
6. Forever With You (ft. Park Bom)
7. 웃어본다 [Trying to Smile] (Daesung solo)
8. Big Boy (T.O.P solo)
9. 다음날 [The Next Day] (Seungri solo)
10. She Can't Get Enough
11. Dirty Cash
12. This Love (G-Dragon solo)
13. La-La-La
14. Good Bye Baby
15. 흔들어 [Shake It]
16. Dirty Cash (For Fan - Original Track)


Mini Album
Always (16/08/2007)

1. 우린 빅뱅 [Intro - We're Big Bang]
2. 거짓말 [Lies]
3. 없는 번호 [Wrong Number]
4. 아무렇지 않은 척 [To Act Like Nothing Is Wrong] (T.O.P Solo) (ft. 지은 Ji Eun)
5. Oh Ma Baby
6. Always


Mini Album
Hot Issue (23/11/2007)

1. Intro - 핫 이슈 [Hot Issue]
2. 바보 [Fool]
3. But I Love U
4. I Don't Understand
5. Crazy Dog
6. 마지막 인사 [Last Farewell]


Japanese Mini Album
Hot Issue (04/01/2008)
Sung in English.

1. VIP (Intro)
3. Lies
4. How Gee
5. So Beautiful [Wrong Number]
6. La La La
7. Together Forever [A Fool's Only Tears]
8. Always


Live Concert Album
GREAT (29/02/2008)

1. Crazy Dog+환상 속의 그대 [You, in the Fantasy]
2. 흔들어 [Shake It]
3. Wild Wild West
4. 웃어본다 [Trying to Smile] (Daesung Solo)
5. 다음날 [The Next Day] (Seungri Solo)
6. Ma Girl (Taeyang Solo)
7. La La La
8. 바보 [Fool]
9. This Love
10. 거짓말 [Lies]
11. 아무렇지 않은 척 [To Act Like Nothing Is Wrong] (TOP Solo)
12. 눈물뿐인 바보 [A Fool's Only Tears]
13. BUT I LOVE U (G-Dragon Solo)
14. 마지막 인사 [Last Farewell]
15. Always
16. 거짓말 [Lies] (앵콜)


Japanese Mini Album
With U (28/05/2008)
sung primarily in English, w some Japanese

1. Gotta Be With U
2. With U
3. Baby Baby [Last Farewell]
4. This Love
5. Mad About You [Fool]
6. We Belong Together
7. Shake It
8. My Girl


Solo Album
Taeyang HOT(22/05/2008)

1. HOT - Intro
2. 기도 [Prayer] (ft. Teddy)
3. 나만 바라봐 [Look Only At Me]
4. 죄인 [Sinners]
5. Baby, I'm Sorry
6. Make Love (ft. Kush)


OST (Daesung)
Family Outing (08/06/2008)

1. Family Song (Family's Day)
2. Family Song (Soft Ver.)
3. Family Song (Instrument)


Solo Digital Single
Daesung Look at Me, Gwisoon (16/06/2008)

1. 날 봐, 귀순 [Look at Me, Gwisoon]


Solo Digital Single
G-Dragon, Look Only at Me Part 2 (30/06/2008)

1. 나만 바라봐 PART 2 [Look Only at Me PART 2]


Mini Album
Stand Up (08/08/2008)

1. Intro (Stand Up)
2. 하루 하루 [Haru Haru/Day After Day]
3. 천국 [Heaven]
4. 착한 사람 [A Good Man]
5. Lady
6. Oh My Friend (ft. NO BRAIN)


Japanese Album
Number 1 (20/10/2008)

1. Intro [English]
2. Number 1 [English]
3. Make Love [English]
4. Come Be My Lady [English] (formerly known as "All About the Gs")
5. Haru Haru [Korean]
6. With U [English]
7. How Gee [English]
8. Baby Baby [English]
9. So Beautiful [English]
10. Remember [English]
11. Heaven [Korean]
12. Everything [English]
13. Always [English]
14. Candle [Japanese and Korean] (Together Forever/A Fool's Only Tears)


Remember (05/11/2008)

1. INTRO - 모두 다 소리쳐 [Everybody Scream]
2. 오, 아, 오 [Oh, Ah, Oh]
3. 뷹은 노을 [Sunset Glow]
4. 반짝반짝 [Sparkling, Sparkling]
5. Strong Baby (Seungri SOLO)
6. Wonderful
7. 멍청한 사랑 [Foolish Love]
8. 하루 하루 (ACOUSTIC VERSION) [Haru Haru/Day by Day]
9. 거짓말 (REMIX) [Lies]
10. 마지막 인사 (REMIX) [Last Farewell]
11. Remember


Promotional Single
Stylish (The FILA) (30/12/2008)

1. Stylish (The FILA)


Solo Digital Single
Daesung Big Hit! (29/01/2009)

1. 대박이야! [Bit Hit!]


Digital Single
Hite (18/03/2009)

1. So Fresh, So Cool


Digital Single
Lollipop (27/03/2009)

1. Lollipop


Live Concert Album
Big Show 2009 (23/04/2009)

1. 하루하루 (Orchestra Version) [Haru Haru/Day by Day]
2. 천국 (Orchestra Version) [Heaven]
3. Strong Baby
4. Number 1
5. Stylish (The FILA)
6. 나만 바라봐 (Remix) [Look Only at Me]
7. 아무렇지 않은 척 (Remix) [To Act Like Nothing Is Wrong]
8. Lady
9. Wonderful
10. 착한사람 [Good Person]
11. Make Love
12. 오,아,오 [Oh, Ah, Oh]
13. 마지막 인사 (Remix) [Last Farewell]
14. 붉은노을 [Sunset Glow]
15. Oh My Friend
16. 거짓말 (Remix) [Lies]


Japanese Single
My Heaven (24/06/2009)

1. My Heaven
2. Emotion
3. My Heaven (Club Remix)


OST (T.O.P & Taeyang)
Friend, Our Legend OST (26/06/2009)

1. 친구 [Friend]


Japanese Single
Gara Gara GO!! (08/07/2009)

1. ガラガラ GO!! [Gara Gara GO!!]
2. Top Of The World
3. Stylish


Solo Album
G-Dragon Heartbreaker (18/08/2009)

1. A Boy
2. Heartbreaker
3. Breathe
4. Butterfly (ft. Jin Jung)
5. Hello (ft. Sandara)
6. Gossip Man (ft. Kim Gunmo)
7. Korean Dream (ft. Taeyang)
8. The Leaders (ft. Teddy & CL)
9. She's Gone (ft. Kush)
10. 1 Year Station


Compilation Album
Asia Best 2006-2009 (19/08/2009)

1. 하루 하루 (Day By Day)
2. Make Love (English Version)
3. Lie (Korean Version)
4. Number 1
5. Lollipop (ft. 2NE1)
6. So Beautiful
7. Stylish
8. La La La (Korean Version)
9. Remember (Korean Version)
10. We Belong Together
11. Together Forever


Japanese Album
BIG BANG (19/08/2009)

1. Intro
2. Gara Gara Go!!
3. Bringing You Love
4. My Heaven
5. Stay
6. Top of the World
7. Follow Me
8. Baby Baby
9. Emotion
10. Love Club
11. Always


Japanese Single
Koe o Kikasete (04/11/2009)

1. Koe wo Kikasete
2. Ora Yeah!
3. Koe wo Kikasete [Club Mix]


Lollipop Pt. 2 (19/02/2010)

1. Lollipop Pt. 2


Live Concert Album
Shine A Light (03/03/2010)

CD 1
1. Heartbreaker
2. This love
3. HELLO (ft. Dara)
4. Gossip man
5. My age is 13+Storm+Fly Gentlemen+G-DRAGON
6. A Boy
7. The Leaders (ft. TEDDY, CL)
8. Breathe
9. Butterfly
10. But I love u
11. She’s Gone(ft. Kush)
12. Only Look at Me(ft. Taeyang)
13. Korean Dream (ft. Taeyang)
14. 1 Year Station
15. Lies
16. Heartbreaker (Encore)

CD 2:
1. Heartbreaker (ft. Flo Rida)
2. This love (G.H remix)
3. A Boy (Choice37 remix)
4. Breathe (hitchhiker remix)
5. Heartbreaker (Choice37 remix)


Live Concert DVD
Shine A Light (30/03/2010)

2. Heartbreaker
3. This Love
4. Hello
5. Gossip Man
6. Age is 13, Storm, Fly Gentleman
7. A Boy
8. Wingless Angel (The Roora Song)
9. The Leaders
10. Breathe
11. Butterfly
12. But I Love You
13. She’s Gone
14. Look At Me + Look At Me Part 2
15. Korean Dream
16. 1 Year Station
17. Glory and Agony
18. Lies
19. Last Farewell
20. Heartbreaker (Encore)

1. Shine A Light – Making Film
2. About GD and Seungri
3. Making Film >> About GD and Seungri


Live Concert DVD
Electric Love Tour (28/04/2010)

1. Gara Gara Go
2. Top of the World
3. With You
4. Hallelujah
5. Strong Baby
6. Wedding Dress
7. As if Nothing's Wrong
8. Turn It Up MV
9. Follow Me
10. Number 1
11. Stylish
12. Fire (2NE1)
13. I Don't Care (2NE1)
14. Cotton Candy
15. Daesung and Seungri's Medley (5 songs)
16. Stay
17. Haru-Haru
18. A Boy
19. Heartbreaker
20. Korean Dream
21. Rain is Falling (W-inds)
22. Koe Wo Kikasete
23. Lies
24. Last Farewell

25. How Gee
26. My Heaven


Tell Me Goodbye (09/06/2010)


Digital Single
Turn It Up (21/06/2010)


Solo Album
SOLAR (30/06/2010)

1. SOLAR (Intro)
2. Superstar
3. I Need a Girl (ft. G-dragon)
4. Just a Feeling
5. You're My
6. Move (ft. Teddy)
7. Break Down
8. 니가 잠든 후에
9. Where U At
10 웨딩드레스 (Wedding Dress)
11 Take It Slow


Live Concert Album
2010 Big Show (19/08/2010)


Live Concert DVD
2010 Big Show (23/08/2010)

1. Opening
2. Lies Hitchhiker Remix
3. Gara Gara GO!!
4. Wonderful
5. Koe wo Kikasete
6. Hallelujah
7. Strong Baby Hitchhiker Remix (Seungri solo)
8. Where U At (Taeyang solo)
9. Act Like Nothing's Wrong (T.O.P solo)
10. How Gee
11. Stylish (The FILA) - Perry remix
12. Number 1
13. Cotton Candy (Daesung solo)
14. A Fool's Only Tears
15. I Don't Understand
16. Foolish Love
18. Remember
19. Stay
20. Haru Haru
21. Heartbreaker (G-Dragon solo)
23. Heaven & Fool
24. Last Farewell
25. Sunset Glow
26. Lies)

2. BIGBANG 1 Night 2 Days


Solo Album
SOLAR International (25/08/2010)

1. Solar (Intro)
2. Superstar
3. 기도 (ft. Teddy)
4. I'll Be There (ENG.)
5. Wedding Dress (ENG.)
6. Connection (ft. 빅톤) (ENG.)
7. Move (ft. Teddy)
8. Where U At
9. I need a Girl (ft. G-dragon)
10 나만 바라봐
11 Take It Slow
12 I'll Be There (KOR.)


Beautiful Hangover (25/08/2010)

1. Beautiful Hangover
2. Somebody To Luv


Music Videos

We Belong Together (19/08/2006)

A Fool's Only Tears (29/08/2006)

This Love (09/09/2006)

La-La-La (29/09/2006)

My Girl (13/10/2006)

Forever With You (23/11/2006)

Goodbye Baby (27/11/2006)

Victory (15/12/2006)

Dirty Cash (05/01/2007)

Shake It (22/02/2007)

Lies (16/08/2007)

Always (08/2007)

How Gee (01/2008)

Taeyang - Prayer (05/2008)

Taeyang - Look At Only Me (05/2008)

Last Farewell

Haru Haru (10/2008)

Number 1 (10/2008)

Seungri - Strong Baby (01/2009)

Lollipop (02/2009)

My Heaven (25/05/2009)

Gara Gara Go!! (29/06/2009)

G-Dragon - Heartbreaker (17/08/2009)

G-Dragon - Breathe (29/09/2009)

Taeyang - Where U At (14/10/2009)

G-Dragon - Butterfly (23/10/2009)

Let Me Hear Your Voice (03/11/2009)

G-Dragon - Boy (11/11/2009)

Taeyang - Wedding Dress (15/11/2009)

Tell Me Goodbye (16/05/2010)

T.O.P - Turn It Up (14/06/2010)

Taeyang ft. G-Dragon - I Need A Girl Ver. 1

Taeyang ft. G-Dragon - You're My + I Need A Girl (09/07/2010)

Taeyang - I'll Be There [Korean/English] (22/08/2010)

Beautiful Hangover (24/08/2010)

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