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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beautiful Hangover Piano Cover

Source: Leehyeinful @ YT via VIPZ

Back to the Beginning Project Trending

As posted previously, we will be having a trending project today, OCTOBER 24 at 9PM KOREAN TIME. This project was inititated by BBVIPZ and international VIPs can do their part by trending on Twitter and helping KVIPs trend a keyword on Korean portal sites.

On Twitter, we will be trending from 9PM until we reach the top!:



To help KVIPs, please go to the following portals:

and type in the following (from 9PM to 930PM Korean Time):

빅뱅 내한

(means BIGBANG visit/come to Korea)

Let's go, VIP! See you all later!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

BBVIPZ Back to the Beginning Project

BBVIPZ is a BIGBANG fansite in Korea but also open to international VIP. Let's support their project in preparation of BIGBANG's comeback. The deadlines for the 2nd portion are already over so let's just focus on the 1st portion~

As posted:

We have made small changes in BBVIPZ to prepare for Bigbang’s comeback, and now we’re proceeding with a new project which is!!!!!!!

Back to the Beginning Project

This project reflects the purpose of our renewal. There are probably many VIPs out there who have been just too busy with everyday life to focus on Bigbang. So to get prepared for Bigbang’s comeback we’re going to proceed with a small event. Of course this event would be no good without all the participation of the VIPs out there~ So focus!

Back to the Beginning Project 1: VIPZ Full-Scale Attack
(this “attack” means that everyone will deliberately enter in a specific word on the search bar of various websites to put the word up on the ‘most searched’ lists). So at a specific time all the VIPs from all over the world will have to “search” the mission word on Korea’s three largest portal sites:

Of course it’s not only searching for the word once or else it would be hard for the word to go up on the ‘most searched’ list for that time. Try to enter the word on the search bar as many times as you can for thirty minutes!

The first “full-scale attack” date and time is October 24 (Sunday), from 9PM to 9:30PM (this is Korean time). The mission word will be revealed on:

If you guys have any good mission word suggestions then please tell us! We are planning on doing these missions every week, so we hope that all of you participate in this event! Lets shout for Bigbang and VIPZ from the middle of the world!!! Are you ready?

Source: VIPZ

For all international VIP
Aside from searching on the Korean search portals listed above, can we also do a trending on Twitter? What do we trend? Leave a comment for your suggestions :)


Sunday, October 10, 2010

G-Dragon's "Bird" Hair Day

Source: 루퍼트그린트/베스트

Haven't changed the layout of VIP Area yet.. Will tweak it in the next coming days :D

Friday, October 1, 2010

Wedding Dress MV (Lego Version)

Source: Fran11188 via VIPZ