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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meet YG baby - Yang Yoojin ^^

Thank You to everyone who participated in the "It's a YG baby" project,
now, thanks to 2NE1 TV we get to see the sweet face of lovely baby girl Yang Yoojin.
YG Entertainment’s president’s daughter, Yang Yoojin, was recently revealed on 2NE1 TV.

On September 14th, the first episode of Mnet’s ‘2NE1 TV Season 2′ revealed the real YG family for the first time. Season 2 of 2NE1 TV will reveal more about theirs daily lives compared to the first season, as well as sharing various stories that occur within the YG family.

Born less than a month ago, Yang Hyun Suk’s daughter became a true member of the family as she received a new social security number. This episode showed the 2NE1 girls being happy for Yoojin, and also filmed shots of the president’s happy family life.

Kyaa~ how CUTE is she? ^^

Source: Luigi @AKP

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