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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Devoted to the Sun & Big Bang World

Hey everyone! Sharing some emails I got about a new project and a new community. Feel free to visit them and participate~


From Janelle (the admin): When I started on this journey nine months ago, I couldn’t have known all the things I would do. Through the love of Taeyang’s music, I realized a lot of things and this is where the seeds of Devoted to the Sun was born. I believed so much in Taeyang and his music I wanted to create a space where he and his fans could come together.

This site is for all the international fans that believed in Taeyang. The fans that were touched by his music, story, performances and journey to make his dream of becoming an international artist a reality. I invite you to make Devoted to the Sun not only a place where we can celebrate Taeyang’s music but to show our own unique color by making this site anything we want it to be. With any luck word of this place will get out and Taeyang himself will join us in this momentous occasion on the day of his Solar international album release. My greatest wish is to one day make Devoted to the Sun: Taeyang’s Official International website.

~Let’s light up the world with TaeYang fans~


Hello! We know that Big Bang has fans worldwide and so we decided to create a project that would unite those fans somehow, something never done so we had the following idea:
Create a video clip featuring fans all over the world using the song, "TOP OF THE WORLD" by BIGBANG. If you would like to participate, send your video to [email protected] Complete rules are here: and you can follow us on Twitter here:

Hope you can help us like when we created the project #daesungmv!

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