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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hey everyone! Good news for everyone who wants to contribute to the site^^ Posting entries is now open to NON-MEMBERS (i.e. not part of the admins/team). Posting, of course, will be MODERATED and won't be published until APPROVED by the team members.

Who can send posts to the blog?
EVERYONE who has an email address.

Where to send posts?
Just email the article, video, photos to [email protected]

Format for posting
Whatever you send will be automatically saved as DRAFT to the blog so it should already be formatted in HTML. Format is as follows:

Email Subject: /--TITLE OF THE POST--/ [CONTENT*]
Body: /--TEXT/HTML CODE--/** + /--SOURCE--/***

*CONTENT: Posts on the blog should be labeled according to the type of content (i.e. NEWS/PHOTOS/VIDEOS)
**CODE: Body should be formatted in HTML already. For example, if you wish to share photos, please use the HTML code for images: img src= For videos, please use the embed code from the video site already.
***SOURCE/CREDITS: This should link to the site where you got the content you want to post on the blog. For example, if you got the content from K-bites, the end of your post should have this line: Source: K-bites. Of course, you should also credit yourself for sharing^^ You can add this line after the original source: Shared by Gdragonsgirl @ Twitter

Ok, that's all for now! Please leave a comment if you have questions^^

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