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Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Father of a Baby Girl: President Yang Hyun Seok

YG Entertainment representative Yang HyunSeok is known to have become a father of a healthy baby girl weighing 2.78kg at birth at 2.01pm on 5th August.

This is before his marriage with lover Lee EunJoo. It has been relayed that Yang HyunSeok is really excited about welcoming the baby and is staying by Lee EunJoo’s side.

Known to have been working out often and manages her body well, it took her just 10 minutes in labour before the baby was delivered. Both the mother and the baby are in healthy state.

Yang HyunSeok relayed through a YG representative, “It still don’t feel like real. I will work hard to raise the baby. Really thankful to those who sent their well wishes.”

-- Congrats!! --

Source: TVReport
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