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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Birthday Gift for G-Dragon

Hello there^^
Well, firstly, my name is Tisya :)
I live in Japan!!
Thank you for always coming to BigBangUpdates :)
Today, I want to share photos of the birthday gift I made for G-Dragon.
I also want to share how I made it❤

I prepared 2 colors of Swarovski stones.
They're Crystal and Light Red Siam :)

I also prepared a "GD apple" design :)
In different sizes.

The, I drew a sketch :)
What's the center going to be?

It is a simple clock :)

I made a hole in the center of sketch and put the clock's hands :)

Here's the completed sketch on the clock :D

I painted the color using acrylic paints :)

Then, I covered "G" and "DRAGON" parts with crystal swarovski stones :)

Next, I covered the center part with red swarovski stones :D

And next.....other parts with more red swarovski :)
I used swarovski stones in various sizes.

Covered a lot!!

Lastly, don't forget the axis of the clock :P

"GD apple" is completed !!!!!!!

I covered the outside of the "GD apple" with crystal swarovski :)


I did the wrapping of the clock's case with cute tape :D

And added goods from Sesame Street :)
An eco-bag, colored pencil, CD case....and more.

Wrapped them all and sent my gifts through VIP Japan Fanclub :D

........Hope GD has them already :)

0818 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to G-Dragon :D

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