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Friday, July 16, 2010

"It's a YG Baby!" Message Book Project

Hey YG Family Fans, this is (an international forum for 2NE1). As most of you know, the leader of YGE, the big boss aka Mr. Yang Hyun Suk/Yang Goon, will be welcoming a new bundle of joy to his "YG Family." We are hosting a project dedicated to YG's first child, called "It's a YG Baby," and would love the participation of all YG fans, not just ygl-blackjacks. One of our goals is to connect with as many international YG-related fans to contribute messages for a message book to Mr. YG, his fiance [Eun Joo from Swi.T], and unborn child.

The messagebook is our main gift. YGL will be designing and purchasing the message book, all we need from you are kind words of support to the new family. Just LEAVE A COMMENT using the format below and we'll make sure it gets into the messagebook.

We want to get as many messages as possible, so please spread the word and tell your friends all about it!

Message Rules
1) No cursing.
2) English and Korean is preferred, but PLEASE DO NOT USE GOOGLE TRANSLATOR FOR KOREAN! We will accept other languages with appropriate translation.
3) No smileys, symbols
4) Bashing, shipping, or bias is strictly prohibited. This is a message book for the Mr. YG and his fiance, Lee Eun Joo - NOT 2NE1, BIG BANG, SE7EN, OR ANY OTHER YG ARTIST individually.
5) Make sense. Inappropriate or confusing messages will not be included.

Please use this form and please only use 100 words max!:




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