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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Got my SOLAR Deluxe Album already!

Got my copy of Taeyang's SOLAR Deluxe Album today, which I ordered from last July 1. Was too excited to open it so I wasn't able to take a photo with the plastic wrap still intact. Haha~

Like other YG releases, the packaging of SOLAR Deluxe is a work of art! The box has a circular window where you can see the design of the CD~

Side view~

The other side with the "T" logo~

Inside~ The CD case is made of a mirror-like material so it's very easy for it to get scratched. My copy has actually A LOT of scratches already~

The "T" logo again on the CD case~

My YG Family card~

The photocard included in the package. God bless you too, Youngbae^^

The SOLAR shirt~

The booklet/photobook~

My copy is #28594! Taeyang probably has #00001?

The "T" logo again on the photobook cover~

The SOLAR CD. Such an apt design~

One of the design elements used in the booklet: red lines~

Love the black-and-white theme with "Feel the/your..." captions~

Look at that body. Haha~

Dignity, Determination, Passion = SOL ♥♥♥

They used black lines too~

One of my favorite pages~ MOVE YOUR BODY!

Second to the last page: THANKS TO~

The last photo from the booklet~

Was really worried that I wouldn't get a copy because I tried purchasing it at YGE-shop (it's cheaper there) first but I got an error message about international shipping. Good thing, it was available on YesAsia. I purchased it in the morning and in the afternoon, it was already ready for shipping. Waited for 3 business days for it to arrive and voila, here it is~♥

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