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Saturday, June 5, 2010

A VIP gets a Taeyang Tattoo

Got an interesting email from [email protected], a bigbangupdates reader, a few days ago.. Sharing with everyone~

For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted a tattoo behind my ear or neck area. Back then, I'd never seen anyone except Jessica Alba's character "Max" in Dark Angel have one. For me, getting a tattoo is very personal because it represents something special enough to make me wanting to have it forever. Being a girl that always has long hair, I can decide whether I want to tie my hair up and show if off or keep my hair down to hide it. Just like I don't always feel like putting myself out there al the time - same goes for the tattoo. The concept of being able to choose when or who I want or do not want to share it with has always been very appealing and kind of original for me ^^ So imagine how pissed I got when it started to become a growing trend a few years back?! Kekeke~

Anyways, after more than 6 years of nagging and whining to my mother that is strictly against piercings and tattoos, she finally gave in! Adding to the awesomeness, I got the permission to get my long awaited tattoo when YB's Birthday was just around the corner so the timing couldn't be better and everything just felt meant to be. I love the sun, live for the summer and been infatuated with Taeyang ever since I saw him the first time - 13th of November, 2009 (Wedding Dress MV). As a YBiased VIP, I'm proud to say I got a Taeyang tattoo for Taeyang's Birthday! ^^ Kekeke~

So what does the tattoo mean?
As passionate-fangirl-Kikki: Simply Dong Young Bae all the way! xD
As my-mother's-daugther-Kikki: I believe that the sun shines after the rain.

Thanks for reading,
[email protected]

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