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Sunday, June 20, 2010

How to download MP3s at

VIP, to show our support for T.O.P's Turn It Up and Taeyang's SOLAR release, let's download the songs legally at Soribada, which allows foreigners/without Korean IDs to buy songs. Downloading at Soribada will also help put their songs in the charts^^

Note: I'm using Google Chrome and it worked. Not sure with Firefox users but the site says it is supported by Internet Explorer. Click on the images to view larger screencaps.

1) Go to to buy a music card. Click BUY NOW.

2) There are 2 music cards available. Each are valid for one month. I bought the Soribada SMART card worth 7000 won or roughly 6 US dollars with 40 downloads. Click BUY.

3) You'll be asked for your email address. No need to put an ID or a password. Click CONFIRM.

4) Once you input your email ad, you'll be asked for your card details.

5) Once payment is processed, you'll get the PIN of the music card you bought. Click ACTIVATE.

6) You'll be directed to Soribada's homepage to choose songs. For instruction purposes, I downloaded the Tell Me Goodbye single. I'm using Google Chrome on mac and I was asked to install the Soribada downloader, which is an Adobe Air app.

Once installed, the download started and the songs were saved on my computer ;)

That's it! Just leave a comment if you have questions^^

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