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Friday, June 25, 2010

The day I got my Big Bang Essential Album

Annyonghasseyo my fellow VIP's! I just want to share with you guys the gift that I received from a fellow VIP and staff of this wonderful blog.

Avid readers of our blog may be familiar with the names of the people that brings you latest news about the biggest boy band in the world which is Big Bang. But, what you don't know is how constant we (the staff) communicate with each other and how we have become good friends even though we are miles apart. So, here I am, giving you a dose of how far our friendship has reached.

Wayne, also known as WNtm, has generously offered to give us the Big Bang Essential Album which is exclusive in Thailand. Being the VIP that I am (or thick-faced that I am), of course I took the offer. Voila! after one week (plus the 2 hours that I waited in the post office), I have in my hands the Big Bang album which is supposed to be not available in the Philippines. Thank you so much Wayne!

And did I mention that she enclosed it with a Shine a Light Poster as well? If I didn't, then above is the picture as proof.

I'm out! GD style.

I'm a G-Dragon Slayer

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