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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ever been jealous over a Teddy Bear?? I'm sure you will!!

First of all these photos are not new but they are sooooo cute. Since our previous post in Bigbangupdates blog was abt TeddyBear version of BB it reminds me of this photo set" more bla bla bla.....

Here we go

Daeseung looks sooo adorable w/ TeddyBear. Are the TeddyBear and Daeseung cousin?? :D
Too bad there are too few photos of SeungRi
And Taeyoung w/ his smile eyes are cuter than the bear
GD aww...too adorable to comment
Last my Fav BB, TOP, look at his eyes, it says "I'm a naughty boy" lol

Source:bigbang facebook +Credit as tagged

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