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Friday, May 28, 2010

Meet the Team: Jiyan

Real name: Jiyan
Age: 20
Location: Sydney, Australia
Country: Malaysia

Favourite music:

Kpop: Big Bang, Epik High, One Way, Untouchable and korean rap music ^^
Cpop: JJ Lin, Jam Hsiao, Khalil Fong, Gary Chaw, Mayday, Leehom.
English: One Republic, Boys like Girls, Lady Gaga, The Fray etc too much to list!

I'm a music lover so i basically listen and appreciate every music genre i get to know :)

Favourite Big Bang song:

Too many to list but my top 5 are Fool, A Fool's Only Tears, Foolish Love, Number 1 and A Good Man ^^

1. You're at a grocery store checking out the lates issues in the magazine rack. A man walks next to you and does the same.
He is wearing a surgical mask and a hoodie, concealing most of his face. No one takes notice of him.
You, however, catch a glimpse of his eyes and instantly figure out it's *inserts name* in disguise, trying to have a normal day.
-Do you let him know that you're aware of who he is?
-Do you stand back and stop yourself from ruining his plan?
-What does your Kpopped heart tell you to do?


I'd totally be stunned and wouldn't really know what to do. I won't go up to him like a crazy fangirl for sure, but I think i'll do something to let him know that i saw him :) maybe a simple hi will do. And yes I'll definitely try hard to stop myself from ruining his plan. Celebrities are just normal human beings and they deserve to have their own free time/privacy doing their own things ^^ I think this is actually what every fan needs to know and understand.

2. Pick ONE physical attribute from each BB member that you would use to make your perfect MAN (body-wise)

GD : His sexy little scrawny body (i used to hate scrawny guys so much, but he's exceptional)
Taeyang: Jawline / side profile FTW
TOP: His hands (i can seriously hold onto hands like his w/o letting go ^^)
Daesung: His eyes/voice/body are LOVE.
Seungri: Baby's panda eyes ^^

3. I'd like to know the story behind your love to the boys...I mean, there must be something special, right?

It was an omfg boring saturday afternoon, i saw my friend talking bout Big bang on msn. so i asked her "WHO THE HELL IS BIG BANG??" but i actually didn't give a shit at all. And then she was acting all crazy and showed me their Lies MV. Watched it reluctantly but i loved it. and i never looked back since then ^^

The 1st member that i fell for was Tabi, coz he's just too hot for words. Everything about him is my type. but as time goes by, i fell for GD's personality more and more and yeah I'm now Mrs . Kwon Jiyong! But as much as i love GD, Big bang will only be complete with all of them ^^ and I'm so blessed to have them in my life ^^ don't you?

Big Bang makes me a happier girl! ^^

4. Who is your favorite Big Bang member, and what kind of personality traits or hobbies you think you have in common with that member?

Hahaa GD is my favourite member. And it's not surprising at all that i don't have much in common with him. Thats also exactly why there are so much about him that i admire and want to learn from him. :)

5. If you can be any idol, for whatever reason, who would you want to be?

hahaa whoever in the YG family! I'd love to be friends with the whole YG fam :)

By the way, this is my Big Bang style room! Decorated my room with their poster and albums ;)

Global Warming & YB's Hot Concert poster. hot hot hot hot.

This is totally YG style.

Annyeong VIPs ^^ Keep spreading the Big Bang love! ^^

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