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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meet the Team: Andie

Listen to Andie's greeting:

Real Name: Andrea
Age: 22
Currently lives in: Puerto Rico

1. God
2. Her Husband
3. Big Bang and Food (it's a tie)
Speaks: Spanish, English, Intermediate Italian and Beginner Japanese.
Favorite Pastime: Watching K-drama or J-drama, watching Korean variety shows^^, Dancing, singing to Big Bang.
Favorite Show: Idol Army, Family Outing, Strong Heart ^^
Favorite Music: K-pop, J-pop, Music in Mandarin (aka Ariel Lin, Bang Bang Tang, Rainie Yang)
Favorite food: Thai, Malaysian, Indian.
Favorite Big Bang Song: "A Good Man" and "Haru Haru" (acoustic ver.)

Favorite Big Bang Member:

Taeyang : He is both, sexy and sweet, he can melt you with his perfectly chiseled jawline, body and dance moves, as well as with his cute smiling eyes, sweet personality, and his voice. ^^

Questions (from our followers):

1. You're at a grocery store checking out the lates issues in the magazine rack. A man walks next to you and does the same.
He is wearing a surgical mask and a hoodie, concealing most of his face. No one takes notice of him.
You, however, catch a glimpse of his eyes and instantly figure out it's (insert name of favorite BB member) in disguise, trying to have a normal day.
-Do you let him know that you're aware of who he is?
-Do you stand back and stop yourself from ruining his plan?
-What does your Kpopped heart tell you to do?

(Sent by Lunas2cents)

A: I didn't have to think about it much, I immediately thought "A note!"
If I were in that situation with Taeyang, I would pass him a note saying something like "Hi! You're awesome, I love you!" and ask him if he would take a picture with me behind a rack where no one can see him...pretty please! ^_-
(of course, all of this in Korean, because NOW that you mentioned it, I'm going to learn some Korean just for this kind of situations...hehe.)

2. Pick ONE physical attribute from each Big Bang member that you would use to make your perfect man (body-wise).
(Sent by Lunas2cents)

A: Just one? That's hard...hmm, here we go.
Taeyang: BODY
Daesung: VOICE (Speaking and singing voice)

3. I'd like to know the story behind your love to the boys...I mean, there must be something special, right?
(Sent by scythe35)

A: I owe it all to the Wonder Girls.
- I was looking at some Wonder Girls performances, and saw the WonderBang performance at the 2008 MBC's Gayo Daejun,
I though, "That guy with SunMi is bada*s, why in the world is he in a boy group dancing to "So Hot" ?" (That was TOP)
- I looked up info on TOP, and saw their MKMF orchestra performance, and saw GD and YB for the first time.
- For YB I thought "Why is he wearing a hat when they're dressed so nicely?" So I looked up info on him, and completely fell in love with him.
- The rest of the boys I came to love with time, as I read news about them, and saw every single subbed video of them. ^^

Now I know TABI is a goofball, YB is a sweetheart, GD is just the best at all he does, Dae is the smiling angel everyone says he is as well as awesome at variety shows, and Seungri is the sweet and annoying maknae.
BIG BANG wouldn't be BIG BANG without any of them.

4. Who is your favorite Big Bang member, and what kind of personality traits or hobbies you think you have in common with that member?
(Sent by gladysr)

A: Hmm, let's see, Taeyang and I are both christian, we like ramen ^^ , we love dancing, and are both quiet and introverted, we both know japanese ^^
We don't have much in common...I have more things in common with my 2nd bias, GD.

5. If you can be any idol, for whatever reason, who would you want to be?
(Sent by bangels)

A: Ever since I was little I wanted to be a dancer, and right now I secretly want to be Taeyang's dancer, the one who's always dancing with him.
But if I were to be an idol, I'd choose anyone from 2NE1, maybe BOM or CL.
Why? because, I believe YG Family is awesome, and 2NE1 is one of the few girl groups who have their own style, and don't have to conform to being cute, and pretty or skinny, and all of them have different talents and their make up is AWESOME!!

Nice to FINALLY meet you VIPs!
This is Andie, Signing out. ^_-

[email protected]

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