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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Meet the Team!

Hey everyone! It's Vic^^ The last time I made an admin post was when I was looking for blog contributors. And now, I'm here to introduce to you the awesome team who provides you with the latest BIGBANG UPDATES and this new extension to our blog called the VIP Area.

VIP Area
The VIP Area is our team blog/spazz zone. Since the main blog is all about bringing you the latest updates, the posts in the VIP AREA will be more random like fan arts, our opinions on Big Bang's latest releases, past Big Bang stuff we want to share, polls, etc. Confusing? You'll more or less get what I mean once we start posting regularly^^ And now, introducing our team members....

The Team

It's me, VIC! This is my first fan blog but I've been blogging since forever. I'm 23 years old from Manila, Philippines. I'm currently working as a graphic designer in an ad agency. I love Big Bang and ice cream!
Our next member is ANDIE. She's 21 and from Puerto Rico. She speaks Spanish, English, Intermediate Italian and Beginner Japanese. She loves God, her fiancé, Big Bang and food. She's currently finishing a minor in graphic design.
Next is JIYAN. She's 20 and from Malaysia. She's also a blogger! She's a music lover and loves K-pop, C-pop and English songs. She is currently a university student in Sydney, Australia (where she's taking basic Japanese).
Another team member from the Philippines is IVEE. She's from Davao, which is a plane away from Manila. She's 24, married and has a 4-year old kid named Alister, who is a K-pop fan like his mom.
Our next team member is WAYNE aka WNtm. She loves T.O.P. She's 23 and from Thailand. She used to hate the "Korean Fever" but fell for it after hearing Big Bang's Last Farewell. (Will change the photo later^^)
Next is our team's maknae from Singapore. Her name is YVONNE. She's 16 and is into fashion and enjoys k-pop, photography and art.

Get to know our team better in the next few days with our individual posts about our favorite Big Bang members and our answers to the questions you sent last month! Thanks for visiting!

P.S. We're looking for KOREAN TRANSLATORS! Email me at [email protected] to be a part of our team!

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